About us


To make the vision a reality, we develop smart sensor systems to protect people, animals and moving objects.


Our core business is combining different technologies to make smart sensor systems even smarter. Our solutions help companies increase the competitiveness of their business through new innovative solutions for the protection and monitoring of mobile assets. Our brands – Spåra and C-pod – help people protect everything they care about and everyone they love. In short: we create a safer society through consideration and solutions at the absolute forefront of technology.


C Security is an IoT company with high demands on flexibility and innovative solutions, but we are not just crazy about the technology. We are also driven by the deeper difference the absence of worry can make to society. In the best of worlds, pets don’t run away, children don’t go missing, and vehicles don’t get stolen, until that day, we’ll find the solutions.

In Sweden and the world

The world is our arena and our solutions help people in 25 countries protect everything they value and everyone they love. Our base is Sweden and our head office is in Bromma, Stockholm overlooking the water.